Sea Salt Dream’s new and essential dimension in natural skin care is in this face and body treatment. Our Dead Sea Skin Care line features a unique serum to prevent breast sagging and to strengthen the stomachs tone. These priceless powerful essences are made of pure bio-intrinsic extracts mixed in a secret unique process with minerals found in the Dead Sea only. Our formula deeply penetrates the skin and acts quickly to balance skin deficiencies and to firm skin tissue.


Required Ingredients:


34 oz of Aromatic Salt Crystals
1.7 oz of Herbal Recovery Breast & Body Firming Serum
1.6 oz of Aromatic Body Lotion


1.    Begin treatment with a warm Dead Sea Salt bath – Into a regular size bath with warm water, add 1000 grams /34 oz of Aromatic Salt Crystals and soak for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

2.    Maintain a warm and wet body (do not dry body) and lie on the stomach. Gently massage in soft, penetrating movements the “slack” areas of the body with the Herbal Recovery Breast & Body Firming Serum until it is fully absorbed by the skin.

3.       Gently massage the body with Aromatic Body Lotion to finish off.