Using Dead Sea Premier products for toning and firming botanicals to reduce that dimpled appearance and create smoother contours. The following treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps define the figure.


Required Ingredients:

34 oz of Aromatic Salt Crystals
1.6 – 3.4 oz of Intensive Cellulite Control Cream
1.6 oz of Aromatic Body Lotion


1.    Begin treatment with a warm Dead Sea Salt bath – Into a regular size bath with warm water, add 34 oz of Aromatic Salt Crystals and soak for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

2.    Maintain a warm and wet body (do not dry body), lie on the stomach and begin to massage cellulite areas (hips, legs, stomach, etc.) with Intensive Cellulite Control Cream. Keep wetting the body with warm water each time the massaging begins to feel dry.

3.    Gently massage the body with Aromatic Body Lotion to finish off.