The Vitamin C Serum and moisturizer Cream are wonderful! What a surprise to see a difference in my skin in such a short time. I also love the body butter! 

~ Amy, San Diego, CA

“I have been using Premier Dead Sea for 6 months.  I was amazed at how fast I got results.  I am currently using the Biox Series, Body Butter, Hand Cream and Foot Cream.  The skin feels wonderful. The Whitening Cream has evened out my skin.” 

~ Lenora, Chula Vista, CA



I have been using the Shampoo from the Sea Salt Dreams to help me reduce the amount of hair loss. At first I was skeptical, but after using the first bottle, I began to notice I had less hair on my comb. I continue to use it as a preventative measure, its affordable and it last me a long time.” – Joe Torres

“The men’s moisturizer, shaving cream and the after shave, with aromatic oil are the best!”  I can actually feel the smoothness in my skin. A huge difference and so much improvement after just using the products for a few months.  I strongly recommend the product for those men who have problems with their skin, particularly their facial.  It’s worth the investment!" 

~ J. Edwards, Seattle, WA

“I am so thankful that you turned me onto the Dead Sea products!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Facial Serum.  I couldn’t live without it now.  I also use the hand cream daily and it feels like a silicone glove has been put on and lasts through many washings.  The products are AMAZING and you keep your prices lower than anyone else.  Thank you again.  You have a customer for life!”  ~Vicki Casillas, Murrieta, CA

“I have been using the Biox series from Premier for a year.  Wow what a difference in just a few days.  I have tried so many different products and nothing working like this Anti Aging creams.  My skin feels youthful and smooth.  I have also tried many of their other products like the salt scrub, face scrub as well as the Herbal body butter.  Not only will your face feel good but so will your body.”

     – Monica Ruano, Chula Vista, CA