The Dead Sea has been known for years as the world’s largest natural spa and for its therapeutic powers. Queen Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman in the world in ancient times, made the Dead Sea her beauty spa of choice. Since then, thousands of visitors have visited the Dead Sea area for improving their health and skin condition as well as their well being. All of our products originate at the Dead Sea in Israel and are made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

Our beauty consultants have gathered these Beauty Tips for you to achieve a younger, healthier and more beautiful skin:


v  Daily cleansing is the most important step. Cleanse your face twice a day. Morning cleansing is essential to remove the dead cells that our skin generates during the night. Evening cleansing is important to cleanse the dirt, dust, make-up and toxins from the environment.


      Recommended from our line: Milk Cleanser (A1) or a Facial Cleansing Gel (A57 or A37).


v  Skin Toner is important to tone and balance your skin to an optimal pH of 5.5 to prevent generating bacteria. A pH of 5.5 is the ideal skin condition for the acceptance of the nutrients in serums and creams.


Recommended from our line: Toner for Normal to Dry skin (A02) or Toner for Normal to Oily skin (A2).


v  Serums enhance the moisturizing process. By applying a serum before a cream, it allows the cream to dissolve and be utilized more effectively during the next 7 hours (In other words, serum is time released). After cleansing, apply a Facial Serum (G104, L2, or B8 [oil-free]) on the face and Eye Serum (A56) around the eye area.


v  Day Moisturizers are essential to protect and keep the skin from drying. Dry skin is dehydrated which throughout the years will generate wrinkles. We offer 3 daily moisturizers for different ages and types of skin: Moisturizing Emulsion (A521), Moisture Complex (A11), Day Cream Complex (A16), and Biox Intensive Age Treatment Cream (L1). All of these creams have a natural SPF 17.


v  Night Cream: During sleep, our skin is relaxed and is willing to accept nourishment unlike day time when the skin is stressed. Premier highly recommends Night Cream Complex (A14) which is rich in nourishment and stimulates the Collagen and Elastin. For special night treatments, we also recommend

       Anti-Aging Cream (A18) which fights wrinkles and Pearl White Cream Complex (B3) which combats age and sun spots.


v  Masks enhance daily treatments. Premier offers several masks, each for a specific purpose.


Ø  Miracle Noir Mask (A10): Opens the pores, cleanses the toxins, exfoliates dead skin, moisturizes, has a whitening effect and brings oxygen to the skin which will encourage quick skin renewal.

Ø  Professional Peeling Mask (A53): Our skin generates dead cells throughout the day and night. These dead skin cells need to be removed to allow fresher, brighter skin to appear. We recommend using the Professional Peeling Mask (A53) twice a week. This mask exfoliates dead skin cells and activates new skin growth. Your own fresh new skin will emerge immediately.

Ø  Collagen, Beta-Carotene & Seaweed Mask – Normal to Dry Skin (A49): After peeling, the skin needs to be stabilized and nourished with the Collagen, Beta-Carotene & Seaweed Mask – Normal to Dry (A49). Collagen is important for the elasticity of the skin which prevents wrinkles. Everyone starts to lose collagen by age 22. Our Collagen, Beta-Carotene & Seaweed Mask targets particularly dehydrated areas and fine lines to nourish the skin and help prevent premature aging. It helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines while protecting against the formation of new wrinkles. Seaweed is the only living organism in the Dead Sea. It acts as a natural antibiotic and filter to help remove toxins. For oily skin, we offer the Mud, Seaweed & Honey Mask – Normal to Oily (A48).

Ø  Instant Stretching & Revitalizing (Lifting) Mask (A.K.A Cinderella Mask) (C5): Uses essential oils and active ingredients blended in a secret process enabling the skin to revive itself within 10-20 minutes, resulting in fresh and younger looking skin. This intensive new treatment successfully combats external evidence of marks and wrinkles to give the face an “Instant Face Lift”.

Ø  Thermal Beauty Experience Mask (A80): An immediate action thermal warming and energizing mask which features a distinct warming phase. It helps open the pores while absorbing dirt, oil and toxins. This mask cleanses, exfoliates, purifies, supports healthy skin cell rejuvenation and increases blood circulation to help reduce wrinkles. (Part of the BIOX series treatment)

Ø  Mask for Problematic Skin (Acne Prone & Damaged Skin) (A54): A luxury, professional mask to accelerate rejuvenation of skin texture, correct balance and prevent generating bacteria. This exclusive formula contains sulfur which is an essential nutrient needed by the skin to help combat imperfections and pigmentation problems including blemishes.


v  Avoid sun exposure because it will accelerate the loss of collagen, while damaging and aging the skin very rapidly. It is recommended to alternate between moisture creams twice a year to keep your face stimulated and rejuvenated. Wash your face with warm, not hot water.